This Is How We Help Our Teens Figure Out Their Complex Emotions

Inside: In our effort to connect with our teenagers, sometimes we label what we “think” they are going through, instead of helping them figure out their emotions themselves. Here’s how we can make the switch. “What’s wrong with you?” “You seem angry, did something happen?” “Why so angry?” I’ve been noticing that sometimes we don’t … Read more

Targeted Teen Booklist Focused on the African American Experience

By Kamyra Harding Juneteenth (June 19th) commemorates the day the chattel slavery finally ended in the United States. Considered the oldest African American holiday, the celebration dates back to 1865. In 2021, the federal government finally declared it an official federal holiday, giving us all a great opportunity to learn more about African American history … Read more

Lessons in How to be Cringe

By Karen Lissner Lately, I feel a need to impart life lessons to my two tweens. The problem is, they’re not very interested in listening to stories about my youth. They label my stories “extra” and “cringe.” Their mocking won’t deter me, though. I’m contemplating how to lean into it. Instead of stifling nostalgia for … Read more

Too Old for Camp, Too Young for a Job: Summer Activities for Tweens

By Kim O’Connell “When are we doing the lemonade stand?” my 13-year-old son asked me one day last August. I smiled at the question. For the past eight years, I have reserved one week every summer—usually, the last one before school starts up again—for a series of activities I’ve organized for my kids, along with … Read more

Feeling Left Out at My Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

By Holly Rizzuto Palker “I’m sorry. I don’t know why this is happening,” I sobbed in front of the bat mitzvah tutor as we prepared for my daughter’s ritual transition into Jewish adulthood. My teenager’s eyes widened. “Mom, stop.” But I couldn’t stop crying. As an Italian Catholic, I felt left out. I envisioned another … Read more

Discord – Why Your Teen Loves It And What Parents Need To Know

Inside: What is Discord and what parents should understand about the popular teen platform What Exactly is Discord? To put it simply, Discord is not easily stuck inside a singular box. Probably the best way to describe Discord would be a multi-purpose communication app. While it certainly has similar elements to other already existing services, … Read more